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visEUalisation eLearning platform

How to develop innovative digital educational videos?

You can learn with visEUalisation eLearning platform, addressed to adult educators from small NGOs and training comanies. The plaform was developed under Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in the years 2018-2020, together with Aiju from Spain, 2Kroner from Germany, ALP-Activate Leadership Potential from Austria and Fundacja Ad Meritum from Poland.

The objective of the project visEUalisation was to provide trainers in adult education with enough knowledge and information in order to make them able to develop animated videos applying the culture of visual thinking for teaching. These videos are known as video scribing, an audio-visual technique in which a voice-over tells a story at the same time as it is drawn. Although the reference sector is Adult Learning, it is interesting to note that the results of the project will be easily extrapolated to all sectors of education: School Education, VET or Higher Education can also make use of the results of visEUalisation to improve the digital competences of their teaching and training staff.


Read also more on EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe - published in May 2019:;

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Aiju from Spain
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Thank you for sharing this alert Ewa.
I am finding difficulty accessing the platform.I am interested in this resource because of my involvement in teacher education and technology enhanced learning development.
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