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Reform of education systems: European policies for lifelong guidance to fight early school leaving and unemployment

Key findings from this report indicate that:

There is increasing international consensus and evidence from research that lifelong guidance and the systematic development of career management skills lead to beter educational and employment outcomes. Nevertheless, a recent survey shows a persisting delivery gap in guidance provision in the Member States.

An analysis of selected policy documents (Council, European Parliament) suggest guidance is a relevant policy element within the related policy fields. Howeevr, the douments do not refer to existing European policy initiatives and structured cooperation for lifelong guidance as an own policy field.

European policies for Lifelong Guidance have been promoted by two Council REsolutions (2004, 2008) and by the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (2007) which has shown considerable impact on national guidance policies. The current network will be funded by the Commisiion until the ned of 2015. Different options will be considered for continuation.

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