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Webinar: The Power of Validation of Prior Learning


PLAIO SUNY Empire State College organized the webinar held on 19 May 2020. In the webinar Nan Travers, Alan Mandell, Heidi Bolton, Amber Garrison Duncan and Anni Karttunen discussed about The Power of Validation of Prior Learning

The wider acceptance of the validation of prior learning has marked a significant breakthrough in higher education and in workforce development and training. More and more institutions of many types now acknowledge learners have knowledge, skills and insights gained outside of the academy or outside of formal training centers. This means that many learners now have access, status and recognition that they had previously been denied. VPL has gained a great deal of “power”!!

Over the last near half-century, institutions, organizations and policy groups have developed strategies to assess what people know. The “how to” of validation of prior learning is central to so much of our work. But the “why” questions--the values, understandings and overarching beliefs about “why” PLA is so vital is too often pushed to the side. The goal of this webinar is to remind ourselves of that “why,” both the “why” of the past and the “why” of the future. Thus, VPL is a vehicle for credential attainment, but it is also an effective tool that we can call on to address issues of justice, access, and equity. Indeed, VPL has been an integral part of a movement for educational and social change.

Cases from South-Africa, USA, Finland and Ukraine

The guest speakers are:

Amber Garrison Duncan, Strategy Director of the Lumina Foundation (USA)

Heidi Bolton, Director of Research at the South Africa Qualification Authority (SA)

Anni Karttunen, senior specialist in Education Policy (Finland)

Facilitated by: Nan Travers and Alan Mandell, Co-Editors PLAIO SUNY Empire State CollegeThe link to the webinar can be founded below.

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