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The Relationship Between Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing Levels and Intergenerational Learning Levels Among Teachers

This is a master's thesis about the relationship between intergenerational knowledge sharing levels and intergenerational learning levels among teachers. It was prepared by Caglar CELIK in Kocaeli University, The Lifelong Learning and Adult Education Department.


The aim of this study is to determine the perception levels of intergenerational knowledge sharing and intergenerational learning of teachers and to reveal the relationship between these variables. This study is a qualitative descriptive research which uses the relational screening model. The sample of the study consists of 464 teachers chosen by disproportionately stratified sampling method in public primary, secondary and high schools in Gebze district of Kocaeli province in the academic year of 2018-2019. The data were gathered via “Intergenerational Knowledge Sharing Scale” which was developed by Yi (2009) and adapted to Turkish by the researcher, and “Intergenerational Learning Scale” which was developed by Kazak (2016). Frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t-test and variance analysis, regression and correlation analysis were applied to the data. The results of the study revealed that teachers' perceptions about intergenerational knowledge sharing were at a high level and their perceptions about intergenerational learning were very high. Furthermore, a positive high correlation was found between intergenerational knowledge sharing and intergenerational learning.

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