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Free circulation of trainees and workers with intellectual disabilities (ID) across Europe is still a dream. If it is true that a project is a dream with dead-lines, cooperation on a European level is a "must" and the proposed Valueable network an objective to be pursued. SCOPE The applying partnership is the heart of an arising European network of hospitality sector companies which will commit to including people with ID within their workforce. The proposal aims at strengthening the network and facilitate the sharing of ideas (CSR label as a motivation for the hospitality sector to include people with ID in their workforce), practices (internships abroad) and methods (training on the job supported by an app for the trainee; awareness raising of the staff). 

NEEDS 0,1% of European citizens are now living with ID (prevalence of people with Down Syndrome is 1/2000). Average life expectancy of these individuals has increased; it is now around 60. The right to work is getting crucial to ensure their independent living and self-determination. People with ID face a much higher unemployment rate than the rate applied to the general population. Furthermore, the vast majority have never experienced any form of vocational training and this is a further limit to their access to the labour market. Hospitality companies and VET providers for people with ID are still two "worlds" which are still strangers DATA According to US disability statistics (2015), only 25,6 % of the labour force with ID is employed (76% of non-disabled ). In UK (2016) people with ID have the lowest employment rate among all disabilities (only 23,9%). (House of Commons briefing paper 7540, 14/12/2016). Overall objective Facilitate the access of European citizens with ID to VET and employment in the hospitality sector, through long- lasting collaborative partnership between VET agencies and employers. Purpose Increased capacity of both sides of the network-VET providers and hospitality companies- to operate together at transnational level aiming at job inclusion of trainees with ID. Operational objectives Exchange of good practice mainly between VET providers and hospitality organisations as well as among trainees with ID: *Sharing ideas, practices, methods and tools (app for trainees ,videos for their colleagues, CSR label for hotel/restaurant managers): Focused project meetings and monthly Skype meetings. Tutored internships abroad of trainees with ID Awareness raising of the managers of partner organisations belonging to the hospitality sector about the opportunity and feasibility of job inclusion of people with ID in that sector, through on line training resources, virtual communities and study visits abroad . NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS Main beneficiaries of the project will be 12 trainees with ID and 12 hospitality managers. Participants will be also those trainees (about 30) and managers (about 60) who will take part in the training/awareness raising activities, with no mobilities. ACTIVITIES Strengthening the network a. Structuring its governance and ensuring its sustainability b. Facilitating dialogue among the different partnmers, expecially those belonging to different "worlds"also by promoting exchanges at many levels (managers, professionals and trainees) c. Facilitating dialogue and exchange of ideas/experience among trainees with ID d. Drafting guidelines for internships of people with ID abroad and study visits of managers to learn good practice. e. Providing on line training resources for managers about job inclusion of people with ID f. Promoting internships of trainees with intellectual disabilities in a hospitality company abroad. g. Organising Study visits of hotel managers to hospitality companies as examples of good practice METHODOLOGY Strengthening the network: facilitating contacts among members, ensuring visibility to its members and testing the system through internships and study visits. Extending the network: diffusion of the Valueable quality kit to encourage the commitment of managers. Awareness raising of managers of potential members. Agreements with relevant stakeholders. Vocational training of people with ID: training on the job at “home” and internships abroad. Diffusion of the “On my own” app. Training of their colleagues with the videotutorials. RESULTS/IMPACT At least 12 trainees abroad At least 12 managers abroad At least 60 managers trained with e-learning 

IMPACT VET providers for people with ID and hospitality organisations get aquainted and establish long-lasting partnerships. 100 hotels, restaurants in 8 countries subscribing the network, getting the label and including people with ID within their workforce. 



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