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Playbook - Inspiration for the planning of holistic courses of education within Preparatory Basic Education & Training (FGU)

Holistic education is an approach towards developing educational courses and programmes within FGU whereby teaching is built up around complete wholes that are meaningful for the students to work with. As teachers within FGU, you all have ample experience planning instructive and motivating courses. This experience can now be brought into play in the planning of holistic courses across both general and vocational subjects.

This playbook is a guide which helps both individual teachers and teams of teachers to plan holistic courses of education within FGU. The playbook contains five steps which can guide you through the most important aspects of your planning. In practice, you may want to jump back and forward somewhat between the steps. The playbook is accompanied by visual scaffolding (link: which you can print in A3 format and use to make shared notes together while planning the course. There is also a Word template which you can use to take notes on the computer (link:

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