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We are preparing a KA204 project with the topic of MultiMorbidite

Започнува на | Posted on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 14:32

Summary:An important change observed in the demographic sense in Europe is the increase of chronic diseases along with the elderly population. Environmental and social factors are among the causes that trigger chronic disease. A study by Hacettepe University has revealed that these ecological and social factors cause multimorbid (two or more chronic conditions) in the elderly population.Multiborbid individuals' multiple drug use poses a serious threat in terms of psychosocial health and quality of life. Multidrug use increases the number of hospitalizations along with the risk of side effects and consequently adds burden to health costs. To improve the quality of life of multimorbid individuals, besides drug treatment of their illnesses, the application of some non-drug treatments will be a supportive method for their psycho-social health. Increasing the quality of life of such individuals has become an urgent need. The European Parliament and the EU Council decided on “Active Aging” on September 6, 2010, to attach importance to the elderly population in this situation. An International Action Plan has been prepared to improve the quality of life of the older adults in the II World Aging Assembly by the UN in Madrid. In this framework, the partner countries have harmonized the international action plan according to the country conditions.

In this context, the overall aim of the project is to reduce the health costs of elderly multimorbid individuals with alternative approaches to burnout syndromes and to increase the quality of life of elderly multimorbid individuals.

contact mail: umuthallac@windowslive.comWe have partners from Norway, Slovenia

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