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Second Chance Schools have been designed for adult students who have not completed the 9 years of obligatory education.
Nick Mallios
Community Collaborator (Silver Member).
ACDIPE, Portugal/Europe Initiative, a Portuguese think tank, that works on European Integration, namely through supporting culture, democracy, communities and regional-development policies.
Mónica Rogério
The Hochschule der Medien (HdM) is a public university established in 2001 that educates future media specialists. It offers a wide range of study programs in various media fields, from print and electronic media to information science and business administration. With a stron...
Violetta FASULO
The Official Language School of Estepona (Málaga) is a public center dependent on the Government of Andalusia that provides language teaching from the initial level (A1) to advanced level (C1).
Profile picture for user Juan Ortiz.
Juan Antonio Ortiz Cantos
Community Contributor (Bronze Member).
B+B supports with its diverse workforce youths, young adults and adults from vulnerable groups with different and diverse backgrounds and multiple problem situations. Immigrants as well as persons with german background.
Profile picture for user deed knerr.
deed knerr
Community Contributor (Bronze Member).