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The Scrapbook: EPALE Community Storybook 2022

This Scrapbook is a vibrant collective memory and a source of inspiration.
Immerse yourself in the stories and enjoy the journey!

Our life experiences - the ups, downs, and everything in between - shape us. As we grow and experience new things, we change.

This scrapbook is a collection of memories and aspirations. It all started by asking this community about your earliest memories of learning, including who was there with you to make that moment enjoyable.

The 2022 edition of the EPALE Community Stories presents an arrangement of professional and personal histories of 85 members of our community. From the first experiences of learning, and the early successes or disillusionments, to the motivation that keeps educators inspired every day in their practice.

Each story is connected to the others, and all together they tell a collective narrative that reveals a delicate and powerful story of lifelong learning. This Scrapbook is a vibrant collective memory and a source of inspiration.

Immerse yourself in the stories and enjoy the journey!

Download the Scrapbook!

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EPALE made another promotional film. As usual, in the world of EPALE there are no poor people. There are no housing estates. There are no dark workshops and small factories with hard work, no cold rural schools. There are no poor people, there are no people with (decent) lives but with many difficulties. In Portugal there are half a million working poor. They get up at 6:30 in the morning, work and return home late. But they don't earn enough to feed themselves and their families. For these so-called qualifications. they are also a field of difficulty. But in the film they are all happy. There are sunbeams illuminating hair in the wind of children marveling at their future. And so. How much money was spent on this insulting production for the non-rich?
When we talk about adult education, we think of everyone, of course. But we think above all of those who need it most. That's why the relationship with SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION is so poorly perceived and accepted by those who, deep down, deep down, DREAM IS OF THE WORLD OF THE RICH!

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Dear Carlos,

Thanks for sharing your view on the book trailer.

Let me address the points you raised since it seems that this comment is a way to put the spotlight on current constraints and difficulties in adult learning. We are perfectly aware of such limits and struggles, and the platform hosts plenty of content sharing such distress in everyday practices… in the many spaces where learning happens. We are emphasizing more and more in recent years the many different challenging spaces and activities, and we honestly do not feel guilty about forgetting the challenging sides of ALE. We are giving more and more voice and space to social inclusion practices, the (human) right to access education, education in prison or in reception centres, in rural areas and in the many contexts that work every day to empower vulnerable learners.

The short video is a visual and evocative introduction to the collection of memories shared by the EPALE community when participating in the Community Stories initiative. We don’t believe it’s insulting, and it was created based on the narratives share by our community members that work every day as adult educators, but we regret that you felt it this way. The stories tell about the joy of learning, the discovery of the world through education, the earliest memories and the motivation that educators shared in their stories. You can read the collection in the Scrapbook attached to this blog post. I can’t find anything wrong with “sunbeams illuminating hair in the wind of children marveling at their future”, especially when this is something that emerges from the stories shared by our community members.

This book trailer and the related Storybook are therefore a way to celebrate the commitment of the EPALE community members that shared with us their learning journey. It is the result of the passion of hardworking people committed to social inclusion, education and human rights. Education is a right, education is hard sometimes, education happens everywhere, education costs sacrifices, education can be paused and re-started, education is empowering… and education is also joy, gratification and hope.

All the best,
Claudia (EPALE Moderator)

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