Get ready for the next online discussion on “News media literacy for adults – why is it important right now?”

Get ready for the next online discussion on News media literacy for adults.


The rapid technological developments and the ever-changing social conditions shape diverse communication dynamics that give rise to several challenges such as mal-/mis/dis-information, hate speech and propaganda. In this context, adult learning seems to be an important enabler in terms of supporting individuals in becoming more critical and resilient against those challenges. To this regard, news media literacy that draws from critical media literacy education can empower adults and promote the development of active democratic citizens.

We invite you to EPALE’s upcoming discussion that addresses news media literacy from general and practical perspectives in adult learning. Share your views and experiences on which issues news media literacy education should address to adult learners. The discussion will take place on Tuesday 22 June 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. CEST.

The written discussion will be introduced by a livestream with invited experts from the Elm Magazine (European Lifelong Learning Magazine) working for the Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation, Kvs regarding the contribution of news media literacy on adults’ learning. The written discussion and the livestream will be moderated by Rute Baptista, Professional Development Manager of eTwinning at European Schoolnet.

Save the date and join us to share your views with regards to news media literacy for adults!

Comments will be open starting from 8 June so you can start sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

Get ready

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