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Intellectual Output 2 EUMentorSTEM Trainer’s Kit European Comparative Report

The EUMentorSTEM project recognises the lack of experienced career professionals trained to work with the specific target group of migrant women with a STEM background. Therefore, one of the main aims of the project is to provide a training programme for guidance professionals to support migrant women with a STEM background to develop their skills and competences to succeed in the labour market. Project partners acknowledge the importance of the support organisations and stakeholders’ offer to migrant women; therefore, as part of the EUMentorSTEM project, Intellectual Output 2 organised a training programme for professionals who work with migrant women with a STEM background (educators, career advisers, trainers, mentors, guidance professionals). The aim of the pilot training was to train them on how to facilitate the EUMentoring programme inspired by the Mentoring Circles™ methodology developed by Inova Consultancy. As part of the EUMentorSTEM project, coaches, mentors and other professionals were invited to take part in EUMentoring programmes with the view that after being trained by partners on how to facilitate EUMentoring groups, they could organise their own groups with their beneficiaries. This training programme was an opportunity for guidance professionals to learn new training techniques and strategies that can be implemented in their daily work and that can contribute to their professional development.

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