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The Journal "Adult Education“ 2018, No2

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Daria Mršić

The journal „Adult Education“ has been published in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2001 and it is the only printed publication treating issues such as education, learning and training of adults in terms of lifelong learning. The main objective of the journal is improvement of adult education theory and practice in the country and beyond so the journal's content covers different fields of adult education, from the primary education of adults and literacy, professional development, education for a family life, culture, politics, active citizenship, popular and liberal education, to the university themes about adult education.

DVV International - Country Office B&H and Cultural Centre of Sarajevo Canton publish the journal twice a year and each edition of the publication is being printed in 300 copies and distributed free of charge to the professional and general public throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region of South East Europe.

Journal „Adult Education“ in 2018 celebrated 18th anniversary since the first edition, published in 2001. According to the Decision of Federal Ministry on Education, Science, Culture and Sport No. 02-15-6646/01 from 29th of October 2001, the journal is registered as a medium

The newest edition of the journal is from this month available to the public, and on the occasion of the anniversary, the Editor-In-Chief, Prof.Dr Senada Dizdar in her introduction reviews the very beginning of the journal as well as its whole path from then till now.

New edition of the journal introduces six articles on diverse topics, and as a supplement full Bibliography of the Journal „Adult Education“ (2001-2018).

Topics of the articles published in this edition are following:

  • Creativity as a Process: „Straight-A“ Model,
  • Educometry in Andragogy: Lifelong Learning Competences Scale/LLLC for Teachers,
  • Importance of Media Literacy in Bosnian-Herzegovinian Society and Role of Lifelong Learning Centers for the Development of this Concept in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • From the History of Adult Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Most Remarkable Institutions and Activities (1918-1941),
  • Quality Assurance in Organisations for Adult Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Necessity of Studying the Subject „Public Performance“ in Formal Higher Education at the Faculties of Social Sciences.


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Автор на ресурс
prof. dr. Šefika Alibabić, prof. dr. Mirjana Mavrak, prof. dr. Senada Dizdar, prof. dr. Branislava Knežić, prof. dr. Lejla Turčilo, dr. sc. Emir Avdagić, Amina Isanović – Hadžiomerović, M.A., Adnana Emirhafizović, dipl. psiholog
Вид ресурс
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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