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16 Dec

Create the future leaders & innovators in the classroom - Prague

Czech Republic

The course ‘Create the future leaders & innovators in the classroom’ introduces to the participants the concepts of innovation & leadership and the necessary skills for future innovators and leaders. The course also addresses the issue of teaching innovation & leadership and the requirements for a stimulating learning environment where future innovators and leaders will be created. Moreover, ‘Create the future leaders & innovators in the classroom’ course provides participants with examples of how innovators can be motivated, inside and outside the classroom, and the importance of ‘passion’ in creating our future leaders. Furthermore, the course debates the challenges of Twenty-first century related to teaching and learning, such as teamwork, specialisation, risk, creativity, among others. The course is wrapped up with insights related to the innovation & leadership of the future. The course ‘Create the future leaders & innovators in the classroom’ is an ideal course for all those wishing to develop a stimulus learning environment in which future leaders & innovators will be created. This is a master class course for school principals, academic personnel, teachers of primary and secondary education, VET trainers and administrative staff and parents interested in motivating their children to become the future leaders & innovators.

Event Details
As planned
Вид настан
Professional development event
Веб страница на настанот
Organiser type
Other event
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ShipCon Limassol Ltd
Детали за контакт
Број на делегати
< 100
Целна група
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Adult learning networks & organisations
Обработувана тема
Цели и задачи
Understand the concept of innovation & leadership;
Comprehend the importance of leadership & innovation;
In depth understanding of the barriers imposed by education for leadership & innovation & methods to remove them;
Learn how to teach & motivate a potential innovator & the role of play and passion in a learning environment.
Очекувани крајни резултати (од учењето)
The course is ideal for school principals, teachers of primary and secondary education, trainers, administrative staff in schools & universities, staff involved in informal and non-formal education & parents.

By the end of the course, delegates will have acquired capabilities to:

Understand the concepts of leadership & innovation;
Create a learning environment for future leaders and innovators;
Comprehend the barriers of today’s education for leadership & innovation;
Parent, motivate and teach a leader.
The participants will:

Comprehend in depth the concepts of leadership & innovation;
Understand the skills required by leaders and innovators;
Understand the challenges of Twenty-first Century Teaching & Learning;
Acquire in depth understanding of educational barriers related to leadership & innovation;
Learn how to remove the barriers that prevent innovative learning;
Learn how to create a stimulus and passion driven learning environment for the future leaders & innovators.
Recognition / certification of participation
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