Добре дојдовте во новиот календар на EPALE! Оваа алатка е создадена и пуштена во употреба за да им служи на корисниците. Поголемите настани од областа на образованието за возрасни лица ќе бидат објавувани овде, како и можностите за обука и конференциите од цела Европа што се наменети за професионалците од областа на образованието за возрасни лица. Како што EPALE расте, во календарот ќе се додаваат повеќе настани.

Со нетрпение го очекуваме вашето мислење. Во наредните месеци ќе може да ги објавувате вашите настани и да го привлекувате вниманието на публиката низ цела Европа.

Како да го користите календарот

Може да го користите календарот за да пребарувате конкретни настани или да пребарувате по земја, јазик на настанот, тема, датум, целна група и типот на настан на кој сакате да присуствувате.  Кликнете на ставка во календарот за да ги пронајдете сите информации поврзани со тој настан.

Како и секогаш, сакаме да ги знаеме вашите ставови. Доколку имате некакви прашања во врска со календарот, контактирајте нѐ преку службата за помош на EPALE или преку Twitter @EPALE_EU.

Имајте предвид: Настаните што се прикажани во овој календар не се поддржани од Европската комисија. Ви препорачуваме да извршите дополнително истражување за тоа дали некој настан ќе ги исполни вашите потреби. Европската комисија не може да биде одговорна за откажување на настаните во календарот на EPALE. На корисниците им се препорачува редовно да ги проверуваат веб-локациите на поединечните настани за да се информираат за можните промени во врска со настанот.

Применети филтери

22 Nov

Mentoring, leadership & coaching

Czech Republic

Experience and learn in 5 days how to use mentoring, coaching and leadership in your daily - personal and professional life!

Statistics in Europe suggest that at least 15.4% of the school population have a special educational need which is defined thus ‘A child or young person has Special Educational Needs (SEN) if he or she has learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for him or her to learn than most other children and young people of about the same age’. Barriers to learning range from Severe and Complex learning difficulties at the low end of the spectrum to Giftedness at the high end of the spectrum. Between these two extremes will be a range of more specific learning difficulties which include Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (DCD), Dyscalculia, ADD and ADHD; conditions nowadays common in our homes and classrooms. Many children and young people will have special educational needs of some kind during their education. Early years settings, schools, colleges and other organisations, as well as parents, can help most children and young people overcome their difficulties by increasing their awareness and understanding of the most common difficulties encountered and learning how to identify and support the remediation of these difficulties as early as possible. This course is aimed at all those professionals and paraprofessionals who wish to gain a greater understanding of the most common specific learning difficulties, how these can be identified, formally diagnosed and ultimately supported in a positive and effective way for all.
22 Nov
The ‘Efficient & effective Project Management for EU funded projects’ (PMEU) is a masterclass course that equips all those involved in the management/coordination as well as all those responsible for the technical and financial progress on behalf of their institutions with the required knowledge and expertise in dealing in an efficient & effective manner with the management of EU funded projects. This course is a masterclass course delivered by experts in the area of EC funded projects and it has been designed in an easy-to-follow manner, irrespective of the experience of the delegates in the specific field of study. The course will offer substantial help and benefit to a wide range of individuals, such as project managers, project coordinators, research officers, legal representatives (i.e. school principals, directors) as well as those working in the International Relations Office of Universities, to deal with the ever-demanding needs of reporting and monitoring of EC funded projects. The course covers all important areas of project management, such as obligations related to reporting and visibility of EC funded projects. Moreover, the course offers a comprehensive overview on the various forms of audits as well as tools for efficient & effective monitoring & evaluation. The delegates are benefited from a detailed review and analysis of financial risks and the mitigation measures for dealing with these risks. Finally, the delegates will be offered a ‘hands-on’ experience with two unique case studies which will highlight the amount of work needed during periodic (i.e. annual) reviews and the evaluation of the project during these reviews by EC.