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A few words from LABA apprentice Walter Lagüe-Salinas on his participation in the European Yeti Award for eco-tourism

The European Yeti project promotes young people’s involvement in eco-tourism.

The Erasmus+ European Yeti project, funded by LABA, encourages young people's involvement in eco-tourism and supports them in transforming the sector and making it more environmentally friendly. Young entrepreneurs can make a real difference in this area.

Walter Lagüe-Salinas, an apprentice at LABA, talks about his participation in the European Yeti Forum in Nice:

“My name is Walter Lagüe-Salinas, I am an apprentice at LABA and I studied tourism at ISTHIA in Foix, Ariège. As a participant in the European Yeti Forum which was held in December in Nice, I had the opportunity to meet key players in the tourism industry, including Gérard Gatti, Managing Director of Geodora Parfums, a perfume producer I wanted to learn more about his company and his line of work. We discussed the difference between “retroactive” and “punitive” actions for the environment.”

During a conference at the Lycée Hôtelier Paul Augier in Nice, Jessica Favarel from LABA, Philippe Dubois from Défismed and Devon Butterfield from Bia Innovator, discussed the progress of the European Yeti project with tourism students, highlighting the multilingual toolkit created for entrepreneurs in the eco-tourism sector. The toolkit gives advice on how to set up an eco-responsible tourism project, and is available here:

The Romanian partner Raluca CiobotaruI from Asociatia IDEI and the Irish partner Florian Hübner from BIA Innovator Campus also organised two workshops on the toolkit and the good practices guide. The resources include a map of eco-tourism initiatives by young Europeans and video portraits giving more details about the participants' projects. You can find them here: 

The event ended with the European Yeti Awards, which rewarded three innovative projects led by people under 35 years old:

  • Sinéad O'Brien's Mungo Murphy sustainable aquaculture project
  • Florian Vallet's Activ'handi inclusive sports holidays
  • and Pauline David's CultuRail environmentally friendly train trips

The next event is to be held in Romania, in April 2023, where participants will address new issues related to eco-tourism. Watch this space...

Les partenaires et participants à Nice.
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