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Call for proposals in the field of media literacy

The Commission has announced a call for proposals in the field of media literacy.

The European Commission has launched a pilot project called ‘Media literacy for all’. Its objective is to help people of all ages to develop critical thinking towards the media. ‘Media literacy for all’ aims to develop actions to help people distinguish information from propaganda, to deconstruct media communication and to interact with social media in a mindful way.

As part of this project, the Commission has announced a call for proposals, expecting projects to cover at least five Member States, with a minimum coverage of three EU official languages. The target audience should be people of all ages, especially low-skilled people, minorities and people at risk of being socially excluded.

The deadline for submitting applications is 14 October 2016 17:00 Brussels time.

For more information about the call for proposals, click here.

Source: European Commission

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