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Modern Adult Education Policies for Regions and Cities - Policy Brief

This document offers an overview of the results of the applied research project MOVED – Designing  Modern Adult Education Policy (further MOVED). The aim of the MOVED project was:

- to map activities in the field of adult education (further AE) at the level of local governments, specifically at the level of regions and cities

- to increase the awareness of regional policy makers about the functions and benefits of adult education activities for the region, employers but also for the final beneficiaries - citizens

- to support the institutional capacity of public administration at regional level

- to contribute to the development of an effective public policy for adult education at all levels with an emphasis on regional self-governance structure.

The MOVED project responded to the need to raise awareness about the needs and functions of adult learning in the context of lifelong learning. At the same time, it is topical and extremely important to look for solutions to increase the participation of adults in learning activities. How we will cope with new challenges in working, civic and personal life is closely linked to our ability and willingness to learn and improve skills throughout life. However, according to statistics, the participation of adults in learning is relatively low in Slovakia - in 2019 we reported 3.6% (4.0% in 2018), while the EU average is just over 10% while the Scandinavian countries reach up to 30%.

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