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Mini Course on Mobility Management for Mentors

The Mini Course on Mobility Management for Mentors of the NE(W)AVE project is part of the NE(W)VE E-toolkit for VET trainers and providers. Through this Mini Course, the VET trainers are introduced to the organisation of international placements for their own learners at companies and can increase their awareness of the competence upgrading methods in VET and increased their interest in using e-learning approach in the mobility opportunities for their learners. This Mini Course was originally designed for six mentors from the companies St.H, Italy, and Heliotec, Spain, who hosted a 14-day training addressed to learners interested in updating/upgrading their skills and working in the renewable energy sector. This Mini Course is now an important source of information for all those company mentors who wish to host learners at their companies and for the VET trainers who wish to involve their students.

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CESIE, EUC Syd, EUROtraining, die Berater, Heliotec, ST.H
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