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Rapport kwaliteitsborging van het leren van volwassenen in het Europees beroepsonderwijs

De resultaten van de werkgroep van EQAVET die zich heeft beziggehouden met kwaliteitsborging van het leren van volwassenen in het mbo zijn beschreven. Nederland heeft niet deelgenomen aan deze werkgroep, maar deze op afstand gevolgd. De resultaten werden tijdens het Annual Forum (17 en 18 juni 2015) besproken.Adult learning in the EUAccording to the 2012 Labour Force Survey, there is still a long way to go for some countries in Europe regarding adult participation in LLL; and according to the OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) 20% of the EU working population has low literacy and low numeracy skills and 25% of adults lack the skills to make effective use of ICT. The ET2020 benchmark for adult participation in lifelong learning is 15% by 2020 – a target set “with a view to increasing the participation of adults in lifelong learning, particularly that of the low-skilled”.The issue of the participation of adults in LLL runs parallel to another major challenge: how to ensure quality in AL/CVET. This need was acknowledged by the European “Thematic Working Group on quality in Adult Learning” set up by the European Commission in 2011. In its final report Framework for the accreditation of AL providers (2013) , this group noted that the EQAVET Framework constitutes a good basis for addressing the issue of quality assurance in the adult learning sector, namely by consolidating a common understanding on the principles/criteria and quality indicators relevant to AL/CVET. 


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