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"Advocating Cultural Exploration" Project


"Advocating Cultural Exploration" project is an Erasmus+ KA2 Adult Education Strategic partnership project which will be carried out between 27-10-2019 / 26-10-2021 and the project partners are:

  • Itaka Training – Italy (Coordinator)
  • Kairos Europe Limited - United Kingdom
  • Associació Empresarial L'alqueria Projectes Educatius - Spain
  • Innovation Frontiers IKE - Greece
  • Gebze Halk Egitimi Merkezi  - Turkey


The objectives of the project are:

  • To promote social inclusion and tackle discrimination and stereotypes,
  • To fight poverty through culture
  • To promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills within the field of cultural heritage;
  • To raise awareness on the key role of cultural heritage in defining a European identity both for citizens and migrants;
  • To combine learning with training and identity building;
  • To promote new ways or understanding and using cultural heritage, beyond a mere touristic aspect;
  • To train key figures working with adult migrants for stimulate them to develop learning and teaching skills related to cultural heritage;
  • To use cultural heritage to initiate societal changes;
  • To build bridges between local communities and institutions in the field of cultural heritage, social inclusion and entrepreneurship
  • To promote equality, including gender equality, and non-discrimination and social inclusion
  • To promote new approaches for reducing disparities in access to and engagement with digital technologies in formal and non-formal education


Also, a toolkit will be prepared and it will be divided in 2 essential parts:

“European Cultural Heritage”,

“Migrants cultural Heritage”.

The toolkit will include tips on new teaching learning methods, including digital storytelling and video making.

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