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Event Details
3 Jan

Women Hand made bags vocational training exhbition

Mardin Artuklu Public Education center and Art School

we as institution provide leather hand making training course ,,here you can learn the core of using leather as hand bag with the different design and you will access to the all the processes which will be guided by master trainers,,

if you are interested in please visit us during the class hours on week days at the illustrated dates.



Event Details
As planned
Vrsta događaja
Professional development event
Organiser type
Događaj NSS-a
Organiser name
Mardin Artuklu Public Education Center and Art School
Kontakt podaci
ibrahim BOĞA
Broj delegata
100 - 200
Ciljna grupa
Academics, students, researchers in andragogy
Tema događaja
Kratkoročni i dugoročni ciljevi
the aim of activities is to support the disadvantaged groups in the region getting a qualification
to strenghten the capacity building of women in need on vocational education training
to drive local community being integrated in vocational training such as leather woman hand bag making
Očekivani ishodi (učenja)
the participants are expected to register in the support life programme
the participants will be aware of self development upon vocational training to get a job
the cooperation between educational institutions and local labor agency will be assured.
Recognition / certification of participation
the trainees will get certificates which are accredited through the general Directorate of life long learning Programmes under Ministery of Turkish National Education

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