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15 May

Erasmus+ Inspiration Day in the Area of Migration, Asylum and Refugees


This event is for those working with/in the area of migration, asylum and refugees who are interested in learning about funding opportunities under the Erasmus+ Programme. It is designed particularly for those in the youth, school, adult education or vocational education and training sectors.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to share realities on the ground, challenges faced in engaging with international projects and the supports needed in order to participate.

Participants will hear from experts in these fields and previous project beneficiaries as well as having the opportunity to network with other stakeholders.

To register, click here.

For more information email Petar or call 018871229.

Event Details
As planned
Vrsta događaja
Professional development event
Organiser type
Other event
Organiser name
Kontakt podaci
Petar Dukic: ; 018871229
Ciljna grupa
Adult learning networks & organisations
Projects & partnerships
Themes addressed

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