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Little steps for a better future

Erdek Public Center provides various kinds of courses for adults , living in the local area and the islands nearby.  The English course is one of the courses.  Recently three English courses are carried out: two of them are provided during the day time and one of them is an evening course.

The English courses always start with warm up actvities such as vocabulary games, brain-storming funny questions, talking about pictures or different kinds of puzzles. The students are intensively involved with the four skills of learning English: listening, reading, writing, speaking.  Communicative Language Teaching ( CLT) is widely used in the courses as it is one of  the most effective methods.   Our adult learners have opportunities to work in pairs or teams, do dialogues face to face etc. Interesting  reading  materials  are choosen during the classes such as biographies of famous sicentist, actors or singers followed by a song activity of the corresponding singer. The lessons are enriched with audio visual materials.  The learners are encouraged  to use only English during the class and they can also move around the classroom through enjoyable  kinesthetic activities.

 A positive atmosphere is very important for learning a new language so we always apply the rule:”Start happy, end happy! “ The age of our learners differ from 20s to 60s, therefore it’s a real great advantage for the learners to strenghten theirs skills of building  good relationship among different generations. This makes them eventually understand each other much better  about different aspects of views, future vision, expectations etc.  Ours students also enlarge their knowledge about the world, other countries, sports, movies, different cultures, technology , future technologies  as we talk about  very interesting topics.

The English course  learners  start reading English books  from the very beginning of the course and they must change the book every week. As their English is improving day by day , they start to read more and more and follow different kinds of web sites over the world, watch movies in English etc. 

The English courses in Erdek are really beneficial  as some of the learners would like to use English in their jobs, some of them are parents of children who live abroad and will frequently use English during their travels, some would like to use English for their future education and others simply would like to widen their foreign language knoweldge and be able to communicate with foreign people.

In summary, we strongly believe that our little steps will support the huge step of love, peace and friendship through our little community in Erdek  and  eventually in Europe .

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