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Partner search from Spain: Adult education (KA104) on table olive

Sākts | Posted on Pk, 01/13/2017 - 09:44
 We are Gemlik Governorship the highest authority in the region and want to apply for KA1 Adult Education on olives. Gemlik is the homeland of table olive in Turkey which is certified by authorities. 73% of the farming land is on olives and is the main income of the people in the region. Gemlik olive's have excellent impresion in Turkey and preffered by consumers. Gemlik Agriculture and Livebreeding Directorate, Gemlik Commodity Exchange and Agricultural Development Cooperative are local partners for this application. 
- Learn the general European taste/preference on olives (amount of oil-salt) 
- Compare the differences in planting, harvesting and cultivation
- Observing the cultivation process
- Visiting farms and enterprises
- Raising the income of farmers
- Increased export rates
- Informed farmers with new knowledge 
- Increased awareness on youth to overcome unemployment
- European citizenship
- New partnerships collaborations for future projects
These are some of the headlines to give a idea of the project. We are especially interested in Spain due to its success on the topic. Is it possible to arrange a programme that suits our aims the best. (including a course, field and cultural visits)
Please send your mail of interests to gemlik.eu@gmail.com
Partnership Details
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Pk, 01/20/2017 - 00:00
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