Innovation in Construction Sites - SI!BIM course with ready-to-use material

The Si!BIM course aims to give a simplified, easy to understand overview of BIM (Building Information Management). Learning material ready for VET.

The Si!BIM course aims to give a simplified, easy to understand overview of BIM (Building Information Management).  

The course covers the following:

  • An introduction to the overall framework of the BIM process, the standards used and specific terminology relating to BIM to help the learner understand how BIM integrates into the construction industry and all the advantages and issues are identified.
  • The practical aspects of where BIM is used within various stages of a construction project with an overview of the various collaboration tools and modelling platforms as well as the advantages of digital technology in construction processes.
  • The strategic management value of BIM in the construction industry and a comparison  to traditional processes. The learner will also  understand the overall operation of BIM in terms of information workflows, protocols and data sharing.

The material is divided into 3 learning units consisting of 3 topics each.

Unit 1: Introduction to BIM 

         Topic 1A - Why BIM?

         Topic 1B - Language of BIM

         Topic 1C - BIM collaboration

Unit 2: BIM Modelling (Practice) 

         Topic 2A - BIM collaboration tools

         Topic 2B - BIM modelling platforms

         Topic 2C - BIM’s role in digitalisation of construction industry

Unit 3: BIM Management

         Topic 3A - BIM as project management tool

         Topic 3B - BIM Information Delivery Cycle

         Topic 3C - BIM Documentation

Each topic includes interactive learning materials that will give the basic understanding of the topic, frequently asked question (FAQ) – to further expand understanding of the most relevant points and a multiple choice quiz to reinforce understanding of the topic.

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Sofinancira program Erasmus+.

Mag. Valentina Kuzma is a senior consultant at the ZGIGM Chamber of Commerce and Industry for more than a decade. She leads and directs several international projects in this GZS department. She contributed part of the content to the project, while the rest of the team contributed translations and design. For the second term, he is chairing the Construction Committee for Professional Standards CONSTRUCTION AND MINING at the CPI.

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