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Counsciuos Self-development of Adults as Transformative Learning. Doctoral Dissertation

The aim of this research was to describe the essence of the phenomenon of adults’ conscious self-development [CSD] as transformative learning revealing its dynamic experience and interpretation of the meanings of the survey participants. A qualitative research paradigm was chosen by using the elements of interpretative phenomenological research strategy and processing data under the thematic analysis. A  holistic phenomenon of CSD as a transformative learning of adults has been revealed by presenting the context and motives of initial CSD, the peculiarities of the CSD process, the variety of innovative CSD practices. CSD is a focused personality education and self-creation which is oriented to the conscious personality transformation in physical, mental, spiritual and social levels through the amplification of everyday life consciousness and disclosure of inner powers, a change of personal thinking and behavior habits by forming a personal philosophy of life what helps maintaining a good health and an inner harmony performing everyday life tasks successfully and moving towards the spiritual maturity. It was found that discomfort raised by critical life experiences create conditions for the progress of CSD as a transformative learning, because changes of personal value system leads to the choices of CSD practices: this promotes analysis of reasons causing the discontent and seek of deeper meaning in them; unexpected insights determines the review of values and goals of life.

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Aušra Kolbergytė
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