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Development of the MFFN network, the need for a European circuit of musical film festivals

Feedback on an Erasmus+ mobility project (Romania, Germany, France)

[This article was originally published in French. It was translated by EPALE France]


Feedback on an Erasmus+ mobility project (Romania, Germany, France)

The association Bordeaux Rock, which has been organising the annual Bordeaux Musical Ecran music documentary festival since 2015, offers a selection of documentaries from all over the world, featuring all musical styles. Over the years, we have forged close links with organisers of music film festivals in Europe. . European mobility:

Visit to Bucharest

These various exchanges have enabled the Musical Ecran festival team to target certain areas of expertise that could be improved in order to facilitate the implementation of future editions of the festival. Our European partners, with their experience in the field of adult education, have expertise in specific areas that we wanted to develop within our association:- image education- European artistic programming- private partnerships- English language skillsThe Erasmus+ Adult Education scheme was therefore adapted to our project of acquiring know-how via mobility offering the possibility for those involved in the Bordeaux Rock association and the Musical Ecran festival to attend each of these festivals and carry out observations in order to acquire new skills around these key areas of action.Our visits took place during three European musical film festivals: . Dokstation in Bucharest . Unerhört in Hamburg . Soundwatch in Berlin


The Musical Ecran team still has one last visit to carry out in order to develop its skills in the field of private partnerships.On the programme of these different visits: seminars and workshops in order to understand the working methodology of the festivals, observation in real conditions, implementation of a booklet bringing together the various points of methodology that can be consulted by the Bordeaux Rock team, creation of a common catalogue of contact details of distributors/producers/filmmakers but also of European music documentaries.. Objectives:Our various encounters allowed us to realize the importance of a European network of musical films in order to centralize the skills of each festival and to be able to exchange know-how. This circuit is an opportunity to define the areas of specialization of each festival so that the actors can make use of them through training courses for adult education.The MFFN network (Music Film Festival Network) is taking shape with the aim of formalizing these exchanges of know-how but also of enhancing them; the idea being to acquire the maximum amount of skills as a music film festival in order to transmit them in the future.Other festivals are looking to join this network in order to perpetuate this exchange of skills between festivals specialising in the same field. We are currently reflecting on the next themes that could be interesting to share in order to facilitate the organization and development of each festival.Among our objectives, we therefore wish to gain in visibility and strength, to propose a European film programme during our Musical Ecran festival, to develop new partnerships, to include new members in the network and thus join forces. 

. Perspectives: We wish to set up new mobilities within the framework of the Erasmus+ Adult Education programme in order to gain new skills in relation to these different areas:- improving the association's English language skills in the field of culture and film.- improving our project methodology in order to try to set up branches for our festival.- gaining skills in the field of private sponsorship.

--> Do not hesitate to contact us if after reading this article you think that an exchange of skills could take place between our structures. Write to us at the following address: celine@bordeauxrock.com or leave a comment below.

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