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COMENSI Toolkit for Community Engagement

The COMENSI Toolkit is a collection of tools, methods and practices specifically designed and selected to improve the engagement of urban communities. It is written to support adult education providers, public administrators, community managers and every professional interested in activating participatory processes of community engagement in challenging urban settings. It includes descriptions, guidelines and some practical use examples of where these have been applied.

This toolkit has been developed within the framework of the project COmmunity ENgagement for Social Inclusion (COMENSI) funded by ERASMUS+ programme (KA2 Adult Education) - National Agency INDIRE. COMENSI aims to understand why adults who are living with disadvantage in urban areas are underrepresented in participatory processes and to develop appropriate strategies and tools to counteract such issues.

The toolkit is available as Open Educational Resources, in several languages, at this link https://www.community-atlas.net/en/toolkit/

More resources, news and documents on the project COMENSI are available at the webpage https://www.community-atlas.net and in the community of practice https://epale.ec.europa.eu/en/private/comensi-community-engagement-social-inclusion

Project code 2018-1-IT02-KA204-048362

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Community engagement; Social Inclusion
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Bond of Union; 4Change; Prostoroz; Tesserae; Mapping for Change
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