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Back To Roots Toolkit

Back To Roots

The partners of the Erasmus+ funded project "Back To Roots" have co-created a toolkit, which has now been published online, and is freely accessible for anyone interested.It was particularly designed for organisations dealing with rural depopulated communities (or at risk of depopulation), operators and entrepreneurs working in these contexts, policy makers in the field, members of local institutions, trainers and mentors.In the toolkit you can find 7 main units, which include lesson plans, topic content, activities, online and offline resources, as well as case studies from all partner countries (UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Italy).If you can spare 5-10 minutes, we would be very thankful if you could complete this questionnaire to give us some feedback about our work and the impact it has had.Thank you! 


Project partners:

  • Kairos Europe Ltd (UK - Project Coordinator)
  • Itaka Training (Italy)
  • ONECO (Spain)
  • ProIFALL (Sweden)
  • AMURT (Portugal)
  • CPA (Italy)
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Back To Roots Erasmus+ Partnership
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