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Booklet vocational education process in European tutoring for immersion trainees in the mental health sector

VETmh TuTo+  is a project co-funded by the European programme Erasmus+, strategic partnerships about the European tutoring process based on skills development of junior professionals in psychiatry and mental health, reinforced by an education and work curriculum, led and certified by Haute Ecole de la Province de Namur. A collective booklet contains different questions arranged by topic and will allow Arad University to synthesize the work techniques used by the tutors across Europe.Different themes will be approached. The main objective of the project is to increase the competence and skills of professionals who work in the mental health domain. In order to achieve more competence until the level of performance it is necessary to train, to study theoretical and practical strategies and methods, but also to exchange good practices from studying the way different countries involved in project cope successfully in different situations regarding working with mental health problems. 

The beneficiaries of our project are specialists in the fields of psychiatry, social assistance, psychology, etc.; professionals with medical, social, psychosocial, psycho-pedagogical, psychotherapeutic, functions, as well as other functions. The first part of the booklet includes a brief review, written by Gabriela Kelemen, professor at University of Arad. It presents the achievements that have been made in the field of mental health competences at the level of Romania and at European level.

By synthesizing the work techniques used by the tutors across Europe different questions emerged.

For professionals:-    To what extent have we managed to meet the training needs of mental health professionals.-    How we can provide information and support to those who care for adults with mental health problems.-    How important are mental health management of mental illness, school of belonging, social representation: psychiatric, psychological, legal, social and information, counseling services.-    Which of the educational activities of training, workshops, counseling, pre and post employment counseling, job club activity better support professional integration?

If reintegration into the community is an important objective for maintaining the well-being of the patient, what kind of activities are recommended: -   self-support groups for beneficiaries and members? -   recreational day activities?-   creative-therapeutic workshops or occupational therapy? -   creative-therapeutic workshops?

How important is prevention and education services in the field of mental health:  -   Information campaigns on mental health? -   Early education in schools, high schools and faculties?  -   Common meetings with teachers?  -   Permanent support from school counselors?

  • Is staying far away from mental problems in the training of the mental health field like stress management, crisis management, human resources management, case management, time management, independent living skills, important for staying far away from mental problems?
  • It is a chance for a patient to benefit from housing services through a protected housing project, social activities, moral support, personal financial management, etc.).
  • How important is counseling at home ? 
  • Could it offer psychological, psychiatric, social counseling services to people who for different reasons decide or need to live in isolation from the community? 
  • Who is responsible for advocacy and lobbying, through membership of federations of protection of human rights and strategic initiatives?

In the second part of the booklet, Prof. Dr. Mihaela Gavrilă-Ardelean from the University of Arad debates the practical aspects of training in mental health tutoring, highlighting their applications, which have been utilized in our project.

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This booklet was directed by Arad Vlaicu University (UAV).
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