Biocontrol training - Testing phase is launched!


Under EU Directive 2009/128/EC, the European Union ambitiously took on a major challenge: to limit the negative impact that crop protection has on the environment and health while maintaining or increasing agricultural production levels, crop quality and the economic profitability of agricultural sectors. Success will necessarily depend on a combination of agricultural practices and the integration of different levers. Among the most promising and innovative levers, special mention should be made of biocontrol products. Biocontrol products are phytopharmaceutical products whose active ingredient are of natural origin (macroorganism, microorganism, plant extracts, pheromones…) to control pests and plant diseases.

The Biocontrol E-Training (BET) project was funded under the European Erasmus + programs and was initiated by AkiNaO and Leno in France, CSIC in Spain and the University of Cagliari in Italy and associated partners: The Academy of Biocontrol and Integrated Biological Protection, IBMA France and IBMA Global, The University of Perpignan and Biovegen.

Together, we collaborated to create the first digital training on Biocontrol. Nearly 40 scientists from 25 private and public organizations have contributed to the creation of 4 introductory courses in Biocontrol:

  • Biocontrol basics,
  • Research and development,
  • Integrated Biological Protection and Biocontrol,
  • And Regulation.

We have created more than 40 modules and nearly 8 hours of digital content. Each, module contains:

  • A short video,
  • Its own downloadable PDF and podcast,

So, training can be watch, read and/or listen. Each course also contains self-assessment quizzes and a dedicated exchange forum between learners to facilitate knowledge sharing.

The content is available online on My Green Training Box platform in French, Italian, Spanish and English. My Green training Box was also developed thanks to the support of Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation within the framework of European DIVA projects. My Green Training Box  is a user friendly tool and will allow in the coming months to develop and disseminate more digital contents on sustainable development and agriculture.

Between February and June 2020, an important testing phase will take place with several target groups: farmers, agricultural technicians, professionals, students, teachers, trainers, etc. remotely and face-to-face on several continents. The results of those assessments will allow us to make final adjustments to our content.

If you also want to be a key player in the development of training in Biocontrol, you can connect to My Green Training Box from February 17th to discover and try our digital contents in French, English and Spanish. Italian version will be available on March.


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