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Adult learning engagement using creative and scientific spaces


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Adult learning engagement using creative and scientific spaces

Learning Link Scotland's Creative and Scientific Spaces project funded by Erasmus+ aims to develop our understanding of engaging adults in STEM education by learning from STEM and cultural centres in Denmark, the Netherlands and Ireland. Practitioners will visit the three countries identified and explore the scientific and creative centres, and share ideas, best practice and resources. The participants will keep a reflective journal of their activities and share their learning in their own countries as well as throughout the EU by using this Community of Practice for STEM Learning on EPALE. The impact of the project will be the increased confidence of adult educators to deliver STEM learning and an improvement in the engagement of adults in STEM learning.

For more information abou the project, please contact Jackie Howie, CEO, Learning Link Scotland.



Join the Environment and STEM Learning Community of Practice by following this link and requesting to be added. This will enable you to access the reflective journal and benefit from the sharing of ideas and best practice, as well as take part in any developing discussions and conversations. 



Learning Link Scotland

Learning Link Scotland was established for, and by, third sector adult learning organisations in Scotland. At the heart of our vision is that adult learning in Scotland will be recognised by all as a central element of personal and community empowerment. In our vision, people will have access and equal opportunity to strong, independent and vibrant Third Sector adult education, and that organisations work in partnership with others to fulfil lifelong learning, social inclusion, and democratic aspirations.

Learning Link Scotland has been involved in two recent Erasmus+ programmes: Maximising the opportunities of digital technologies to teach numeracy and maths and Teaching Problem Solving in Technology Rich Environments.



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