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Final NGEurope Training Course

From the 22nd to the 26th November 2019 the 5th and final NG Europe Training Course on “Green and Social NGO Leadership“ took place in Graz, Austria, with participants from Austria, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.

The NGEurope project fosters community action through civic engagement and developed a training course which teaches participants valuable knowledge about founding, funding, supporting and managing NGOs as well as the required skills to be able to contribute to this sector.

The final edition of this training course within the project took place in Austria and started off with a field trip visit to a local NGO, Lerncafe Eggenberg, which offers after school care and educational support for children. In the evening  of the first course day, participants and trainers were hosted at a private reception in the town hall of Graz.

During the following course days, the many facets of NGO work were discussed, with a special and different focus every day. Topics such as From traditional to social entrepreneurship, The basics of social and green NGOs and The first steps for setting up an NGO were covered. The last aspect was particularly interesting for participants who are considering founding their own NGO, but also for those who are simply interested in the procedure. The participants also got insights into the tools needed for founding, managing and supporting an NGO. For all these actions it is important to be aware of your own skills and fears and to know how to balance them. This is why the training course includes exercises to practise these skills. In addition to this, the training course curriculum features a session about learning how to draw a business plan and create interesting project presentations. Another highly important aspects is the importance of networking which concerns everyone, no matter if you want to found an NGO, start your own business or if you are looking for a new job. 

Thanks to the many different aspects covered by the NGEurope training course, participants with various backgrounds and a variety of ambitions find what they are interested in – those who want to set up their own NGO, as well as those who want to work on their skills and abilities and expand their general knowledge about green and social NGO leadership.

In the final feedback session at the thraining course in Austria, one participant put their experience in a nutshell by saying: "At the beginning of the training course I had some questions and hoped to get answers to them. My questions were not only answered, but I return home with much more knowledge, for which I am very grateful. I am rich in knowledge, experiences and beautiful memories with extraordinary people."

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