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Resource scarcity as a resource

A few days ago we wrote in the blog about adult education as the great unknown of our educational system. We also pointed out that their ignorance is in itself a clear sign that the system is failing.

Recognizing this reality from the outset, we can only reflect the difficulty that this task entails for the professionals who carry it out. The scarcity of certain resources within prisons, increased by the fact that it is impossible to have an internet connection and that the use of computer supports is practically non-existent or very deficient, deprive these people of a vital learning in our days, especially when the final objective of all training activity within the prison is to facilitate the incorporation into foreign life once the sentences have been served. Chalk and blackboards are and will be fundamental pieces of our teaching work but we cannot and must not turn our backs on new technologies. Many of the activities carried out in ordinary adult education centres could not be carried out in prison classrooms. There are hundreds of examples of activities in the classroom that are supported by computers and it is unthinkable to do so without them. Classes in languages, literature, history, biology, and a long etcetera of subjects that currently turn to this resource as one of the main methodological support and motivators. Without it, teaching becomes more arid and less participative.

In this respect, cooperation and aid between institutions are fundamental. The coordination with Penitentiary Institutions is, nowadays, very fluid and the experiences that are being carried out and the advances that, without any doubt, are going to take place should take us to improve the conditions of the professionals who are in charge of these teachings. In order to do this, we will have to do our part. New methodologies need resources and information technology is one of the most necessary. Synchronizing security with the possibilities offered by these teaching and learning tools is, without a doubt, one of the most pressing challenges of these teachings.


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Education professionals in the penitentiary classrooms of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)
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