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German Experience of Social Inclusion 

Education is very important for proper integration of immigrants and refugees. Communities can solve many problems, one of them is education of a person, no matter how old he or she is or what skin color he or she has.

The article-reflection on Short–term joint stock staff training event organised in Germany written by Dr. Marie Jose Ballouhey-Schneider (French partner) searches  for the models and best practices of social inclusion amd migration in Germany.

Is German community open to multiculturality and social inclusion? What measures are applied to integrate young recently arrived people? What challenges face teachers and social workers working with international students? What differences are between the treatment of refugees in Germany and France? The answers to all these questions you can find in the article-reflection on Short–term joint stock staff training event taken place in Ibbenbüren (Germany) on 14th-18th March 2018.

The reflection of the authors provides some impulses for ideas and discussions.

Aldona Kleiviene - Methodologist of the Telšių švietimo centras, andragogue practitioner, German teacher, English philologist. Worked in a field of adult education as a German teacher at Žemaitija College and an English teacher for Adults at Telšių švietimo centras. Coordinator of Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus + projects.  

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Dr. Marie Jose Ballouhey-Schneider
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