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Identification of future skills needs in micro and craft (-type) enterprises up to 2020

Micro and craft (-type) enterprises make up not only the vast majority of SMEs in Europe, but are also the main source of job creation in the European Union, being active in many rather traditional professions that are essential for the prosperity and wellbeing of both urban and rural areas. Although in general they face similar problems to those encountered by all other SMEs, their size creates a number of specific challenges, in particular related to the (future) availability of skilled staff.

The European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, commissioned a study focusing on the identification and analysis of future skills needs in micro and craft(-type) companies.

The study contributes to a better understanding of current and future skills needs in micro and craft enterprises throughout Europe. It will also help to better mainstream the needs of such enterprises in existing EU-level policy initiatives aimed at anticipating and matching labour market supply and skill demand, identifying skill needs and mismatches as well as strengthening the links between VET and the labour market.

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Detlef Buschfeld, FBH Cologne
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