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| 13 Sausis 2020
| Karine Nicolay

‘Gezondheidsgeletterdheid' is het vermogen van een persoon om informatie over gezondheid te begrijpen, zodat hij zijn gezondheid en levenskwaliteit kan behouden of verbeteren. In België blijkt 30 tot 45% van de bevolking een problematisch niveau van gezondheidsgeletterdheid te hebben. Vele landen namen al maatregelen om de gezondheidsgeletterdheid van hun inwoners te verbeteren. Het Federaal Kenniscentrum voor de Gezondheidszorg (KCE) kreeg de opdracht om hun actieplan te onderzoeken, om er lessen uit te kunnen trekken voor een eventueel Belgisch plan.

Penktadienis 14 Vasaris 2020, Italy

Studia da adulto, diventa grande: workshop a Pescara su educazione degli adulti, politiche europee e territorio

“Studia da adulto, diventa grande” è un workshop  su educazione degli adulti, politiche europee e territorio organizzato dall'Istituto Tecnico Statale Aterno-Manthonè di Pescara, il CPIA di Pescara-Chieti (link is external)e l'Associazione Culturale SmartLab Europe con il supporto dell'Unità EPALE Italia-INDIRE.


CEPA Orcasitas is a "Second Chance" Adult School located in Madrid, Spain. It is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education. We are applying for a KA104 Erasmus+ and we are looking for an European school with similar training in order to do “job shadowing” and exchange ideas and best practice.

We are looking for a partner for an Erasmus association K2

The CFPA Arco Iris, together with two other adult schools in the Valencian Community ("CFPA L'Alguer" and "CFPA Miquel Rosanes"), is looking for partners to develop an Erasmus type K2 program. These three schools had a previous experience in K104 type programs, as they formed a consortium to develop a "Job Shadowing" type mobility. Now they are interested in moving towards a K2 type activity that allows them to offer their students the possibility of participating in exchange programs with other adult schools. These three schools are interested in both foreign language learning and lifelong learning activities, with a special interest in social inclusion by education and methods and programs to overcome educational difficulties.


| 10 Sausis 2020
| Martina Blasi

Il 14 febbraio si terrà a Pescara un workshop su educazione degli adulti, politiche europee e territorio organizzato dall'Istituto Tecnico Statale Aterno-Manthonè di Pescara, il CPIA di Pescara-Chieti e l'Associazione Culturale SmartLab Europe. La giornata è promossa con il supporto dell'Unità EPALE Italia-INDIRE

On going project looking for a jobshadowing partner

"Parts" is a project organized by Cultiv and seeks host organizations for jobshadowing. As you can read in detail in the following paragraphs, our focus is on organizations that work with children and families of prisoners, with a special interest in those who use the arts, books, and culture as tools for this work.

Looking for partners for KA1 project

4visioner is an organization with international experience in Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ programs (pilot projects, VETPRO and IVT projects) and training within the European Social Fund. In the past, the company carried out dozens of mobility projects and is now implementing mobility projects within Erasmus +.

4visioner has experience in mobility projects with the following activities:

• cooperation with the sending organization, administration and project management


| 9 Sausis 2020
| Sorin Botez

Comisia Europeană (CE) a publicat la sfârșitul anului 2019 o analiză efectuată de EPSC (European Political Strategy Centre) pe tema: 10 trends transforming education as we know it, conform căreia educația se schimbă, iar tendințele mondiale arată o personalizare și o continuitate a învățării, precum și importanța crucială a alfabetizării digitale, a învăța să înveți devenind cea mai importantă aptitudine.

Cele 10 tendințe mondiale în educație identificate sunt următoarele:

Trečiadienis 15 Sausis 2020, Germany

Webinar: "Family Literacy: Lesen von Anfang an"

Familie ist unser erster Lernort. Das betrifft auch Lesen und Schreiben und wie sie in der Familie gelebt und geübt werden. Grundbildung besteht aus vielen Dimensionen und eine davon ist Family Literacy. Warum ist Vorlesen wichtig? Welche Bedeutung hat es für die Lesekompetenz? Wie wirkt sich das Handykonsum auf das Lesen auf? Ist das Lesen von Literatur besser als das Lesen von Beipackzetteln? Diese sind einigen der Fragen, die wir in unserem Webinar beantworten wollen.

KA1 courses for teachers in Italy

SubMeet Association is an Italian no profit aimed at developing and implementing EU funded trainings and internships, estabilshed in 2011. We are located on the Adriatic coast, 65 Km southern Pescara and 250 Km eastern Rome.

So far, we have successfully implemented 190 mobility projects with trainees from the UK, Greece, Romania, Sweden, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia.

We would like to propose the following training courses for teachers:

Looking for partner in a KA 104 European Plus project, job shadowing in Adult Education

This is the CPIA Cremona (Provincial Centre for Education and Training in Adult Age), a state school open to Italian and foreign citizens from 16 years old. The school is based in northern Italy. Our locations are in Cremona, Crema and Casalmaggiore. We also operate in the prison of Cremona, which houses about 500 immates.

We offer:

language and social integration courses for foreigners;

courses aimed to achieve the degree at the end of the first and second cycle of education;


| 8 Sausis 2020
| Karinne Radburn

SIMELTA projektā tika pētīta ilggadējā veiksmīgā teātra elementu izmantošanas prakse un tās pozitīvā ietekmi.
Projekta dalībnieki uzskata, ka izglītojamajiem pašiem ir jābūt aktīvi iesaistītiem valodas apguves procesā un ka teātrim ir būtiska vieta valodu apguvē.


| 7 Sausis 2020
| Aline Rutily

Les stratégies éducatives du projet de mobilité K1 « Le bleu européen comme étendard contre l’exclusion des adultes » se fondent sur une approche de cette couleur dans le patrimoine artistique européen, pour motiver différentes pratiques et expériences permettant l’amélioration des compétences-clés des adultes peu qualifiés.

Les ressources s'articulent en 6 rubriques web :

1.  Le projet Erasmus K1 Description et partenaires

- La description du projet


| 7 Sausis 2020
| Giada Guastalla
Narrare l'adolescenza o prendere le parti della letteratura di settore è certamente un'ardua impresa. Nel tentativo di definire la letteratura di questo settore va premesso che, al di la delle accezioni di marketing editoriale, la letteratura per ragazzi è letteratura a tutti gli effetti.


| 6 Sausis 2020
| Karin Drda-Kühn

Niemand ist Hassrede und Aggression hilflos ausgeliefert. Mit dem Erasmus+ Projekt „Argumente anstatt Aggression“ setzen sieben europäische Einrichtungen ein Zeichen gegen Hassrede und Aggression. Sie entwickeln ein Trainingsprogramm für Menschen in öffentlichen Funktionen, um diese zu befähigen, mit Hassrede und aggressiver Kommunikation souverän und faktenorientiert umzugehen. Erfahren Sie jetzt mehr!


| 6 Sausis 2020
| Hasan Hüseyin KOÇ

The Canteen-Keeper Course was organized by the teacher Abdülkadir CANSIZ for adults who are working in canteens in Gümüşhane Public Education Center.

25 trainees who were attending the course and pass the exams successfully, received a certificate.

The purpose of this course;
* Providing job opportunities for adult trainees,
* To give basic information about occupational health and safety,
* To be able to communicate effectively by using communication tools in business, social and cultural life,

We want to be partners at a KA202 or KA204 project!

Our organization provides education and vocational training to adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.  We are looking to be a partner at a KA2 project (KA202 or KA204).  Not ready to coordinate yet, but we can be a great partner to your project.  We are new to the Erasmus Family and are very excited to be part of a project.  Projects we can work with could be on climate change, sports, integration, vocational skills, etc. We are open to new ideas and are willing to work hard for the project.

Tenerife Courses are looking for Job-shadowing and KA1 Course

On behalf of Tenerife Courses consortium, we would like to invite you to do a job-shadowing visit in Tenerife or attend one of our KA1 Erasmus courses in Canary Islands, Spain. We are a host organization, EDUPLUS Association, that created a network of educational professionals, non-profit organizations and schools and we collaborate with a wide variety of institutions you can visit.

Common Cultural Heritage ( Ortak Kültürel Miras )

Tepebaşı Academy Association (TEKAD) has been established as a civilian responsibility aspired to carry out activities to provide services on a permanent, sustainable basis on the basis of supporting our people, especially young people, women and disadvantaged segments of the society in terms of cultural, academic, sportive, educational and artistic aspects and meeting them with related institutions, organizatio

nuo Pirmadienis 22 Vasaris 2021 iki Penktadienis 26 Vasaris 2021, Spain

ICT skills for Educators

Computing and IT is required by all businesses and jobs in today’s world. Information and Communication technology (ICT) has the potentialict_3 to transform teaching and learning processes. According to a recent study in OECD countries, students are more sophisticated in their use of technology than teachers; an inherent discrepancy between student knowledge and usage of ICTs with the abilities of teacher to use ICTs. This suggest that teacher inexperience and skill deficiencies may often be a fundamental factor which prevents the effectiveness of ICT use in education. The same study reveals that the most effective uses of ICT are those in which the teacher, aided by ICTs, may challenge understanding and thinking of pupils, and this can be done through whole-class discussions and/or individual/small group workshops using ICTs. Nowadays, it is widely accepted that the use of ICTs should not aim at completely transforming teacher practices in and of itself but rather enabling and supporting the move from traditional ‘teacher-centric’ teaching styles to more ‘learner-centric’ methods. In other words, making each one of the students active and fully engaged. The ‘ICT skills for Educators’ course is designed to enable participants to improve their teaching practices with the use of specific ICT tools, such as smart boards, web conferencing and webinars, among others, thus, creating a ‘learner-centric’ classroom. This is an ideal course for all teachers, educators & trainers interested in continuing professional development (CPD).

European mobility traineeships and placements for groups in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) field

*We provide suitable companies to the participants for internship with the social and cultural support needed during mobility.
*Our team guarantees continuous communication through different channels (email, phone, whatsapp). It is part of our mentality to follow up every subject that the participants need.
* We are very careful when choosing the companies for internship program. Internship places are prestigious places with a national and international position in the relevant field.


| 31 Gruodis 2019
| Grażyna Król

Ideą projektu DigiAdults jest zgłębienie tematu używania narzędzi cyfrowych oraz ocena wpływu wykorzystania narzędzi cyfrowych i internetu na wzmocnienie pozycji osób dorosłych zagrożonych wykluczeniem cyfrowym. Projekt zakłada opracowanie i przeprowadzenie warsztatów/szkoleń pod hasłem: „W świecie cyfrowym”. Szczegółowe tematy mają być ustalone przez każdą instytucję. Opisy programów szkoleń lub warsztatów zostaną udostępnione w sieci w postaci online resource center.


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