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Pridėkite savo organizaciją į „Epale“ partnerių paiešką, kad savo profilį padarytumėte labiau pastebimą ir kiti žinotų, jog norite bendradarbiauti Europos mastu.

Svarbus patarimas: pateikite kuo daugiau informacijos apie savo organizaciją ir veiklą, kuria užsiimate, kad kiti galėtų lengviau jus rasti.

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In 2013, various administrations and institutions in Baden-Württemberg (southern Germany) joined forces to form the Erasmus+ Network Neckar-Alb to jointly implement Erasmus+ exchange projects outside higher education in the region. This network has been offering internships for ...
The Academy for Vocational Training (AFBB) is based in Dresden and has further branches in Berlin and Cologne. AFBB operates several vocational schools as well as a continuing education company (AWV) and a private university of applied sciences (FHD) with a total of around 1,500...
CitizensLab e.V. is aiming at action-researching and inquiring about:  How our diverse practices create the conditions for citizens to self-organise and co-create new ways of living, working and deciding together for the common good?
Beschäftigung und Bildung e.V. was founded in 1989 as a non-profit organization in Hamburg. Around 80 employees now provide social services in the areas of professional orientation and qualification, training preparation and support, psychological and socio-educational advice fo...
We are a consortium of the administration of three rural districts (Reutlingen, Tübingen, Zollernalb) and one community (City of Tübingen) - we are organising Erasmus Pluss Key Action 1 Mobility. We are supporting young people in their apprenticeship becoming a professional in a...
Since 2011 the non-profit association solar e.V. gained experiences in the implementation of local and international projects in the field of political education. Methods and pedagogical approaches of non-formal education are our tools to work on our main topics as migration, fl...