Domitės bendradarbiavimu su kuo nors iš Europos šalių, bet dar neturite konkrečios idėjos?


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Pridėkite savo organizaciją į „Epale“ partnerių paiešką, kad savo profilį padarytumėte labiau pastebimą ir kiti žinotų, jog norite bendradarbiauti Europos mastu.

Svarbus patarimas: pateikite kuo daugiau informacijos apie savo organizaciją ir veiklą, kuria užsiimate, kad kiti galėtų lengviau jus rasti.

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Our foundation is a public benefit organisation operating since 1999, with its headquarters in Szombathely, Hungary and its area of operation is the western border region of Hungary. The primary aim of its establishment and operation is to help people of different age groups to ...
E-graine is a unformal education movement made up of volunteers and professionals, grouped within local associations. We are based on the educational reference framework of World Citizenship Education, defined by UNESCO and our ambition is to cultivate the feeling of belonging ...
The Marko Marulić Split City library is a modernly organized network of public libraries. The main library is the Central library, with other 9 library branches in the network. The Marko Marulić Split City library acts as the advisory service for the public and school libraries ...
In 2013, various administrations and institutions in Baden-Württemberg (southern Germany) joined forces to form the Erasmus+ Network Neckar-Alb to jointly implement Erasmus+ exchange projects outside higher education in the region. This network has been offering internships for ...