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Evidencing the Impact: a resource to support the voluntary sector to evidence the impact of adult learning

The Evidencing the Impact resource pack builds on the Explaining the Difference pack that was published by Learning Link Scotland in 2009.

It proveds user-friendly guidance for the voluntary sector on how to evidence clearly the impact of adult learning on individuals, on communities and on life chances.

Evidencing the Impact contains guidance and tools for evaluation that will be useful to:

  • staff and volunteers in voluntary organisations who deliver learning to adults
  • staff and volunteers in voluntary organisations who are partners to organisations delivering adult learning (for example, where they refer adults to learning opportunities in partner organisations)
  • managers and workers delivering community learning and development in non-voluntary sector settings, such as those in local authorities, prisons, probation, and college outreach provision and
  • people involved in community development activity that has a learning dimension


This resource is designed to provide organisations with:

  • an understanding of the key national policy drivers to provide context for any evaluation
  • an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the terminology used to talk about evaluation (such as “output” and “outcome”)
  • information about the range of evaluation tools that are available, such as the Logic Model or Return on Investment Framework, outlining their structure and where to find them
  • information about the various quality frameworks that voluntary sector adult learning providers may need to respond to, such as How Good is our Third Sector Organisation? and How Good is Our Community Learning and Development?
  • signposting to further information and guidance about evaluation and evidencing impact


Examples of how people have used Evidencing the Impact:

Mini case study 1 (Scottish Language Dictionaries)

Mini case study 2 (A local authority adult learning service)

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