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iTStudy Hungary Educational an Research Centre


iTStudy is a certified Hungarian Adult Educational Institute and ECDL Exam Centre. The main profile of the company covers: delivering IT certifications in adult and vocational education; development of curricula, online learning materials, e-learning solutions, content management portals (Content Management Systems – CMS). Beyond the IT certificates we provide in-service training programmes for teachers and higher education staff on innovative ICT-based teaching methodology, such as the flipped classroom method.

ITS has been following intensive research activities related to educational changes (“rethinking the education”) in the information society in close collaboration with HE institutions, VET schools and SMEs both in Hungary and in Europe.

iTStudy participated in several European educational projects in the frame of LLL Leonardo Programme, mainly in the fields of technology-enhanced learning (TEL), new learning/teaching paradigm of the information society, networked learning, game-based learning, educational use of social media and web 2.0 tools and video-based teaching methods. It was the coordinator of the very successful project of “Tenegen – Connect the teachers to reach and teach the Net Generation”, which was selected as “Best Practice” by the European Commission in 2010. (,

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