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Secretariat for Catholic Education


The Secretariat for Catholic Education is the central office of Church schools which today number around 50. These include kindergartens, primary, secondary and sixth forms. The Secretariat offers various services, among which are the distribution of salaries to employees and the retaining of employment records. It is also responsible for discussions with the Education authorities and trade unions, as well as the administration of the different services which are offered by Church schools.


Among the staff which are employed by the Secretariat are: a group of social workers who help students, and sometimes also parents, with their social requirements, educational psychologists who assess the educational requirements of the students; various counsellors who regularly visit schools to help students overcome their difficulties; coordinators for inclusive education who assess children's needs and carry these forward to the statementing moderating panel, as well as assisting those children with disabilities or particular conditions; a number of coordinators who oversee programmes such as Let me Learn and the Malta Writing Programme; Literacy Support Teachers and Numeracy Teachers. All these programmes are directed at teachers who wish to improve their teaching abilities.


There is also a considerable of heads of departments for the various subjects.  These consist of teachers who teach in different schools. Twice a week they visit the schools in order to meet with and support teachers in the teaching of their subject matter.  They are also responsible for the organization of short courses for teachers.


The Secretariat for Catholic Education is headed by Fr Charles Mallia O Carm, who is the Archbishop's Delegate for Catholic Education and Dr Rose Anne Cuschieri, Director for Educational Services

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