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Study on the analysis of adult learning policies and their effectiveness in Europe - final report

The study’s aims set out in the terms of reference are twofold:  To evaluate the performance of European countries in the field of adult education and training based on available statistical data;  To identify a set of success factors of effective development and implementation of relevant policies based on an analysis of well-performing countries. With the objectives of:  Developing an analytical tool (a scoreboard) that will help the Commission in its analysis of development of adult learning and Member States’ policy makers in their policy development and implementation. This should bring together existing data on adult learning and continuing vocational education and training (CVET) and provide a point of reference for monitoring performance and policy developments in adult learning;  Presenting the data and analysis about performance in a way which clearly describes the situation and challenges of countries participating in the ET2020 process, thus supporting the Thematic Working Group (TWG) on adult learning, and which can be updated to support the European Semester process and the Open Method of Coordination;  Carrying out an analysis of 10 countries that have been performing well over a long period of time and/ or improved recently to identify with the data analysis a set of success factors that constitute coherent policy and its implementation which can inform the scoreboard’s qualitative indicators.

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