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AppForDem project (Erasmus +): pilot experiences to test the project results - educational app and e-learning course- in Spain, Romania and Italy .


AppForDem project (Erasmus+). Educational app for caregivers of people with dementia

In October 2021, the AppForDem project partners will organize some pilot experiences to test the educational app and the e-learning course with the target groups developed in this project: teachers, trainers, students, professionals of the healthcare sector, and formal and informal caregivers.

The items to validate will be the following: Contents and methodology for course and app delivery, course and app duration and timetable, didactic media, technical and didactic resources, interface aspects, general course evaluation: transferring training to the workplace and general satisfaction with the learning experiences. The experience will be organized in English, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian at the project e-learning platform:

To participate in the pilot experiences mentioned above you can contact the partners through the project website: and also in the following email address:

Download the project newsletter nº 2:…


ASOCIACIÓN EDAD DORADA MENSAJEROS DE LA PAZ C-LM Y GALICIA. SPAIN. The Association is an important Spanish NGO created in 1962 to help disadvantaged groups through humanitarian attention, support, rehabilitation, treatment, and social promotion. ASOCIATIA HABILITAS - CENTRU DE RESURSE SI FORMARE PROFESIONALA. ROMANIA. Association for the development and improvement of adult education. They are involved in INPEA, the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. SOSU OESTJYLLAND -DENMARK- is the second-largest social and health care college in Denmark. They provide different educational programs for social and health care institutions for elderly and disabled people and for hospitals and psychiatry. ANZIANI E NON SOLO - ANS (ITALY) is an NGO working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on management of projects and realization of services and products in the field of welfare and social inclusion.



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