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Migrant education opportunities in the Baltic States: strong dependence on the level of school preparedness

The idea of this comparative, critical and constructive study also belongs to Eve Magi, and it has been elaborated together with Liesma Ose and Hanna Siarova within SIRIUS, the European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background, which brought together policy-makers, academic community and NGO activists (2012-2014). The study and policy recommendations issued in English were created in 2014. We would particularly like to thank the employees from the ministries of education and culture of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for the support we received as well as sociologist Evija Kļave who provided the latest data and professional analysis from the education sociology perspective.  The reader should pay most attention to the recommendation part of the study. If the education policy makers implemented the recommendations, the Baltic States would gain truly inclusive education. Moreover, many recommendations regarding general education support the values which are as important for the inclusive education of adults with migrant background.


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Eve Mägi
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