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A delegation of the Disaster Management Training Center of Hungary made a visit to Rosenbauer GmbH

A delegation of 6 from the Disaster Management Training Center of Hungary (DMTC) visited the Leonding and Neidling based factories of Rosenbauer GmbH and the Lower Austrian Fire School between 1st and 4th March 2020.During the factory visit, the trainers of DMTC became acquainted with the construction, technical service and operator-level maintenance tasks of the Hungarian tender winner Rosenbauer NH 25-35 type fire engine pump. Technical teachers also visited the Rosenbauer plant in Neidling, where they learned about the latest low and mid weight  Rosenbauer fire appliances and the latest development results. As part of the program, the director of the DMTC met the headmaster of the Lower Austrian Fire School. The two leaders revived the more significant rounds of the two institutions relationship, then clarified the details of the ERASMUS-funded study tour, during which two teachers of DMTC will become familiar with the principles of the XVR simulation program, basic concepts and programming operations. At the end of the study tour, our teachers will be able to work out basic level simulated situations for firefighting practices. This knowledge will make easy the use of the software for DMTC.Such kind of trips provide an opportunity for technical teachers to integrate the acquired knowledge into the teaching process at DMTC for the purpose of higher quality education. The active liaison between the two institutions management contributes to European synergies in rescue and fire protection knowledge.

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