Pereiti į pagrindinį turinį


In this course, the trainees are taught how to weave Turkish traditional rug.

The content of the course program is suitable for amateur and professional work.Within the scope of the course;  making different motifs such as geometric types and writing personal and specific articles theoretical and practical training is given by the teacher.

The trainees in the traditional rug course, also learn how to reveal their own knowledge through rug weaving. 

They design and weave the rugs with different Ottoman motifs. Adult trainees are very happy to produce various rugs and carpets.

When they finish the course, they could have certificates that enable them to work in the rug and carpet industry. So they can make money in this way.

Also, trainees attend the course to learn new things.As Bahçe Public Education Center, we support different ways, adult people, by opening such handicraft courses.

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