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Merkezefendi municipality has started winter sports schools in October. Sport activities are free incharge and available for any age. Currently in Denizli youth center, Gerzele Sport and EducationCenter, and Servergazi Sport Center are providing sport activities in 15 branches. These are; football,basketball, volleyball, tennis, mind games, chess, field hockey, Pilates, athletics, badminton, tabletennis, cushion wrestling, folk dances, step-aerobics, fitness and gymnastics. Sport activities havedrawn great interest of folks, for this reason, new sport centers are planning to be opened indifferent places of Denizli. Educators, who support sporters and sport activities, will be assigned byMerkezefendi Public Education Center.650 sport lovers (400 women and 250 children) registered to the center since Sport and EducationCenter, in Akkonak neighborhood, started its activities on October 1 st with 6 different sport branches.Social Life Center continues its activities for people in our region to do sport activities, to have ahealthy life and satisfy their needs. Activities are started in all sport centers to disseminate mindgames culture, raise awareness, and emphasize sport. Healthier days awaiting Denizli’s people.

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