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ReGap – Reducing the Educational Gap for migrants and refugees in EU countries - open access b-learning courses

ReGap is an Erasmus+ project whose goal is to reduce the educational inequalities of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, through open-source e-learning courses about employment, health, social security, education, gender and justice. The courses are translated into English, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian and Macedonian, and can be used fully online or in a blended mode (with an educator in the classroom). You can discover the courses at

Watch the 5-minute demo video introducing the ReGap project and explaining how to use the online platform at

The Booklet for educators is available for download at, presenting the goals and ideas behind the ReGap project, as well as the courses and their educational approach.


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REGAP team: Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (coordination); LUMSA University, Italy; Community Development Institute, Macedonia; University of Porto, Portugal
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