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8 Mar

Webinar on Tips for Accreditation using WriteOn

Remote Event

This webinar is suitable for learners and practitioners who wish to use WriteOn for accreditation.

The purpose of the webinar is to:

  • Provide the dates and deadlines for certification submission for 2018.
  • Outline common errors found during assignment verification.
  • Outline tips for using WriteOn such as changing topics on exercises.

The webinar is limited to 50 participants and will be filled on a first come first basis.  


To register please visit NALA's website. Once registered you will receive an email with the link for the webinar. It is recommended to have headphones with a microphone or laptop with a built-in microphone to ask questions on the day. Alternatively questions can be typed into a Chat box. 

Event Details
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If you have questions about accreditation please email with the subject line 'webinar on writeon' and outline your question or area of concern.
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